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Allgemeine und Historische Erziehungswissenschaft Vom 9.-10.12.2016 fand an der TU Berlin ein Research Meeting mit Forscherinnen und Forschern aus 17 Länder zum Thema Wohlergehen von Kindern statt

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CUWB International Research Meeting

“Children's Understandings of Well-being – global and local Contexts” is a research project that involves a qualitative investigation into how children conceptualise and experience well-being from a comparative and global perspective.
Initiated and organized by Prof. Dr. Susann Fegter (TU Berlin), Prof. Dr. Christine Hunner-Kreisel (University Vechta) und Prof. Dr. Tobia Fattore (Macquarie University Sydney) an internal research meeting took place from December 9-10th 2016 at TU Berlin with scientists from over 17 countries.

The aim of this meeting was to go into deeper discussions about an analytical framework and conceptual work that can be used as a basis for the comparative analysis of the data across the teams from European Countries, Israel, Australia, Pakistan, Nepal, India, Turkey and South Africa.

The key questions were the following

  • What are the heuristics of ‘well-being’?
  • What is the epistemological concept of ‘children ́s understandings’?
  • How can we analyze how these understandings are linked to ‘contexts’?

Beside intense discussions and short presentations one of the highlights was the visit of the beautiful Christmas market at Schloss Charlottenburg near TU Berlin.

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